Other treatment processes or technologies had been adopted from other industries; one of it being the introduction of nanotechnology that offers possible enhancement of present the POME treatment process. For instance, ultrafiltration resulted from nanotechnology which purify, separate and concentrate POME components into clear clean water. Others treat POME using methods similar to water treatment: physicochemical treatments to induce coagulation and flocculation process.


Certain greenhouse gas reduction commitment project under Clean Development Mechanisms which is an arrangement of Kyoto Protocol was also espoused by DOE to maintain POME quality. One of the projects is composting plant where aerobic process is adopted for producing POME fertilizer. Hydro K Management (M) Sdn. Bhd. has appointed Envsolve Sdn. Bhd. for submission of written approval of installation of their bio polishing system at Pinang POM, Segaliud Pom, Lungmanis POM and Sandakan Bay POM. Envsolve has also been consulting Inno Integrasi Sdn. Bhd. for their technology application of Clean Development Mechanisms (CDM), which is POME composting plant installed at Mewah POM and Malsa Mill.