irrigation-01 Under Peraturan-peraturan Kualiti Alam Sekeliling (Premis Yang Ditetapkan) (Minyak Kelapa Sawit Mentah) 1977,effluent disposal by means of land irrigation is compulsory and non-compliance is liable to penalty. This application must be submitted in a written form, and a written approval must be obtained as part of the operating license .  Envsolve Sdn. Bhd. has been consulting clients in obtaining land irrigation written approval. To date, Envsolve has been assisting more than 15 mills within Sabah in obtaining approvals from Department of Environment (DOE). Some of our major clients are KLK Group for Pinang POM, Bornion POM, Lungmanis POM; IOI Corporation Sdn. Bhd. for Ladang Sabah POM , Pamol POM and Leepang POM. Others include Sungai Ruku POM, Berkat Setia POM, Lam Soon POM, Kilang Sawit Tenegang, Ladang Mills, Sandakan Bay Mill, Abedon Oil Mill, KL-Kepong, Morisem Palm Oil, Malsa POM, Sg Ruku Mill, Altantica Segaliud Mill , Malsa Mill, Ladang Mamahat Mill and Beaufort Mill.